Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I went to see Andy...

Well kids I went and saw Andy at the weekend and I have to say it was brilliant.
I got treated like a princess, dinner cooked for me, house was spotless, CANDLES and shit on the go, he really was making an effort and was lovely to me the whole time I was there. In fact I was really sad to come home. Emotionally re-united with my make up bag too. All was well. I've been reading 50shades of grey recently so I was like a dog on heat by the time I arrived, I don't think he knew what had hit him!!! I had such a lovely time with him and as suspected he is a really nice guy when he's not off his tits on coke.

So it appears he has birded me up... BUT there are a few things niggling at me

1. he wouldnt add me back on facebook...instead hes de-activated his facebook. Now kids this might sound petty but theres only normally 2 reasons your fella won't have you on his facebook and thats because either your not really his bird and if you add facebook you will discover your actually getting fucked over...OR to just deliberately be a cunt. Unfortunately I can't start kicking off over this because it will get twisted around to make me look like pyscho bitch girlfriend. I am going to have to HOPE it is secret option number c which is he doesnt want me looking on his facebook and getting upset by things I may see that have happened since we split up, which in all fairness could happen. And I have no room to talk because I've hardly been snow fucking white myself....god i hope he never reads this blog.

2. Getting in my jarmies on sunday night and I over hear his flatmate asking something about some chick called megan, and Andy says "il tell you when she's gone, she might feel threatened"


feel threatened??? im having a nervo here. who is she???? If its Megan Fox well she can fuck off. Feeling like I can't really ask, im just going to have to TRUUUUSSST him. And I do trust him to be honest. in a wierd way. Il trust him until I have reason not to. I think he has learned his lesson and knows I am not to be fucked around and if anything else happens shitty i will so help me god be out the door asap.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Andy wants to bird me back up

Well kids, it was always going to happen wasn't it. Andy's back. He rang me up crying the other day...yeah..crying like a little girl saying he'd lost everyone close to him and he needed someone to hold him and tell him everything was going to be alright. So me being the big softy that I said I'd give him another chance.
Confused as to how this is gonna work to be quite honest with you. I am still very much of the opinion he is fucking me around, yet I am strangely drawn to him. Have decided I will go and see him next week, I am going to make sure he is sober and drug free and then see what I think of him. I have a sneaking suspicion he is lovely when not in the evil clutches of drugs and I am hoping I can save him and reform him into the perfect boyfriend.....if not worst case scenario is that I'll have a feeling of being someones bird for a couple of weeks which is always nice. To be fair to him so far so good, no phonecalls swerved, no going awol, the dude even offered to come up to see me today and take me and my lad out and stuff. unheard of!!
He has caught me at a moment of weakness, i'm feeling very upset this week as had a huge fight with one of my ex friends who to cut a long story short branded me vile, insane, irrational and in general a nut job who wished her mother dead. Now, dear readers, obviously this is not the case, I take great offence to this and so I had no other choice but to call her a cunt and fuck her off. To be quite honest with ya its too much like hard work being her mate anyway so I was unkeen to have her near me anymore regardless of if she thinks Im crazy or not. Its a very long story which I can't be arsed going into but in a nutshell she's a tosser and I've offloaded her.
And what to do about the pt??? if I do get back with Andy im going to have to tell him its not gonna happen any that would be cheating on my boyfriend.....hmmm still not sure im ready for this whole relationship lark, not least because I can't afford the weightgain