Sunday, 7 April 2013

ORGASMS - (contains references to masturbation do not read if you dont want to know)


Have you even seen that episode of sex and the city where Samantha loses her orgasms? Well no word of a lie I have been struggling with the same situation the last couple of months and if I am being completely honest I am still not a hundred percent now.

I first started to notice the issue a couple of months ago. I noticed that my orgasms where, shall we say, shit.

Now I love orgasms. I love everything about them. I love the build up, I love bringing myself to the brink and then letting it die down before building up again until eventually I let myself cum in a big massive explosion of ecstasy.

There are no problems that aren't made a little bit better by a fucking good orgasm
I have it down to a fine art and whilst I do enjoy male company I am more than happy to deliver myself to heaven because I am fucking good at rocking my own world. Lets be honest girls its a rarity to find a man who can do it the way we can do it ourselves. If you find one that can then for fucks sake marry him because he has knowledge of and appreciation for the CLIT

Most recently however I have found that my orgasms have been eluding me. This is due to a  sad depressing fact. Yet another example of how women still do not enjoy total equality in this world. And that is that while men have a point of no return....a point that once reached it wouldnt matter if they caught sight of their own mother having a shit, they would still jizz...women, well we just don't. We are built differently, and even if we are nano seconds from closing the deal our stupid fucking CUNTS (pun intended) of bodies can still switch it off last minute causing our orgasms to wilt and die away leaving a very unsatisfied and quite frankly pissed off @singlegalatbo

Honest to god so I would be in bed all excited having one of my favourite bedtime fantasys thinking alright here we go...when all of a sudden something would be holding me back and I would feel like I had missed the boat and then I would kind of orgasm and have about like 2 fanny gallops and then that would be it. And I would be thinking did I cum? Was that it? Did I just fake an orgasm to myself?
This just simply is not acceptable. I am single. I have only myself to rely on and as god is my witness I will CUM AGAIN
I decided this must be psychological and I need to get to the bottom of it. There was something just not letting me completely let go and I just can't work out what it is. I have been doing loads of pelvic floor exercises and taking a lot of frustration out at the gym and I am pleased to report that my orgasms the last week or so have been pretty much close to their usual off the rictor scale level but it feels like I am concentrating too much on it....what would happen if I took my eye off the ball? Back to pathetic waste of time orgasms? I am the female equivalent of a floppy cock.
I think I am probably going to dedicate tonight to the cause and have a few practise sessions. I don't even have any sex toys at the moment as they got damaged in the flood and I am yet to replace them. There again though I find vibrators are the devils work because yes they are a guarunteed orgasm but they make it harder to come without them. Well they do if you sit there all night having about 5 goes a night like I do, I just don't know when to stop me.
Anyway, thats all for now. I will of course keep you updated as to my progress. Still not aqcuired a new boy yet but I do have a my eye on something.... hehe
@singlegalabto xxxx


  1. Just a thought - some medications have big effects on orgasms, anti-depressants and antihistamines are common ones that can. Other thing is hormone levels - doubt it's the problem if you are otherwise well, but if you've been feeling tired, drained, otherwise odd, might be worth checking.

  2. Have u tried this bbz - do you find stimulating your G-spot arousing as well as the clitoris? Hope this helps Sxx

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