Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Haven't blogged for ages so I thought I'd knock up a cheeky one

Still a large willy shaped hole in my life and we have now passed the 3 month mark since I last bumped uglies. This dismays me a great deal and I am starting to feel like I might jump on a train and go and sit on Andys cock for half an hour just to get laid...obviously I'm joking but you see the situation.

I have been busying myself with other things and I must say I have quite enjoyed the lack of head wrecking that comes with a man and have been having muchos fun with my chums.

Easter weekend was a particularly good one. Good Friday was spent having luncheon with my nearest and dearest and then Friday night was a big night out with my 3 favourite sisters, Queenie, Seal and Sanjay. It was Sanjays birthday and we had got ourself a booth in moniques. We love a booth we do, a shit load of ale for about half the money you would otherwise spend on a night out plus indoor fucking fireworks, what more could a girl want.

I love these sisters, iv known them years and I have a separate friendship with each of them that is so nice. Seal is so called because she loves a tan and we call her factor fuck all on holidays because she refuses point blank to put any cream on and she always goes really brown. She hasn't got a single wrinkle either it's sly.

So we all got fucked up and seal somehow ended up draggin over @thatscouselad who asked me if I was getting messy. When I told him I was taking it easy because I had work in the morning he just looked at me with sheer disgust and walked away, thus destroying any chance i ever had with him. Gutted.

Seen quite a few twitter people in moniques and had a proper ball but like I say I had to rein it in by 3 bells because I had to drag my arse to work in the morning. Sly.

Next day whilst sisters trio where nursing their hangovers I managed to not only get to work but also to take my mate and out kids to the circus! Kids had a ball. We very nearly didnt make it as my mate had gone out too on Friday and gone missing in action but one search party later and we had recovered her. We went to lark lane for a munch first where we saw a fit wrongun. He was sat with a group of other wronguns and was wearing a full Adidas 3 stripe in a bright red shade. It should have been so wrong, yet it was so right. So if anyone was gettin on the Lemo on lark lane on Saturday and was wearing a Santa trackie then just lettin u know I think ur fit.

Got home from the circus exhausted but still managed to do the baby an Easter egg hunt. Sunday was spent eating shit and watching films as I celebrated the good lord rising again.

Made the fuck up too because of this I saw in the paper

My favourite artists work is being shown in out city this summer, I can't wait. Iv already bought my ticket. My favourite painting by him is called paris through the window and is the one i dragged my poor mother across New York to the Guggenheim to buy the print because you can't buy it anywhere else. I don't want to get my hopes up that the original will be in this exhibit but if it is I'm telling you now I'l have a wide on the size of the Mersey tunnel. Just sayin.

Not much to report in the way of boys got a couple who I like at the minute but both are a bit of a challenge, have decided to just see what comes my way. And get on me putting pictures in my blog, decided a few illustrations might be the way forward x

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